Liskell is Haskell on the inside but looks like Lisp on the outside, as in its source code it uses the typical Lisp syntax forms, namely symbol expressions, that are distinguished by their fully parenthesized prefix notation form. Liskell captures the most Haskell syntax forms in this prefix notation form.

Liskell is descreibed in an ILC paper. It is implemented as an extension to GHC.

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hmm, I wasn't actually able to display the document: a 328KB PDF that doesn't open in Adobe Acrobat. Corrupted?

Anyway, this has a nice ring to it. Hope to read more (or anything) about it...

Works for me

Works for me on evince (GNOME desktop pdf viewer) and also on xpdf (X11 pdf viewer).

yeah, *now* it does.

yeah, *now* it does.