Apocalypse - the empire strikes back

Its somewhat surreal where everything is heading now. Microsoft has been developing a new language called X#. Can you guess what it is? Read about it here. Microsoft has just reincarnated LISP and soon will singlehandedly attempt to take over the programming world.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before Microsoft used XML as a language that allows functional definition of data, is perfect for OS and system neutrality (that one outdoes Java), and can be used as an AST, which means it could be syntax-rendered on screen as anybody's favorite programming language.

Bye,bye javascript/HTML/CSS complex, hello XML browser!

It will be intriguing to see what this new era brings for programming.

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Your link doesn't work

Something wrong with the markup?

Link fixed

Sorry, It works now.

Note: When I was googling for X#, I found only a dozen web sites on the topic, yet it could change the direction of the programming industry.

Jan 2003?

Maybe X# has come and gone or turned into something else during the last 4 years?

X# was renamed...

...to Xen, and then to X-omega (or C-omega?), is what I last read.

All of which were discussed

All of which were discussed here many times.

My bad

I apologize.

No problem.

No problem.

The current state of X#...

...has a page at http://research.microsoft.com/Comega/. Apparently, XML, is just going to be language-integrated with VB and C#. False alarm, maybe?


Might be an idea to search LtU for LINQ