Domain-Specific Aspect Languages

Although the majority of work in the AOSD community focuses on general-purpose aspect languages (e.g. AspectJ), seminal work on AOSD proposed a number of domain-specific aspect languages, such as COOL for concurrency management and RIDL for serialization, RG, AML, and others. A growing trend of research in the AOSD community is returning to this seminal work

Since it seems it is DSL week around here, and since Domain-Specific Aspect Languages were not discussed here before as far as I can remember, I think now may be an appropriate time to discuss this notion.

To begin the tour, head out to the web page of the first DSAL workshop: DSAL'06 which "approached domain-specific aspect languages from a language implementation point of view, where advances in the field of domain-specific language engineering were investigated to answer the implementation challenges of aspect languages," and then move over to DSAL'07 which dealt with the design and implementation of new domain-specific aspect languages in more detail.

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No one has anything to say

No one has anything to say on the subject?



The AspectBench compiler supports tracematches, a DSAL for runtime monitoring. As we showed in our ECOOP paper, because it is domain specific, it can be statically optimized pretty well, a necessity for finding an efficient implementation for such a language. Such optimizations would not be possible with plain AspectJ. Maybe you find that interesting....