Nu - new LISP like language atop of Objective-C

At the recent C4[1] conference, Tim Burks announced a new language he designed, called Nu.

He says the following about it:

Nu is a new programming language that binds the expressive power of Lisp to the pervasiveness and machine-level efficiency of C by building on the power and flexibility of Objective-C.


Nu is object-oriented and functional. It is written in Lisp-like S-expressions but conforms to no preexisting Lisp standard.

Tim says that he started out from an effort to bridge Ruby to Objective-C, but the myriad of impedance mismatches led him to develop a new language that he can use instead of Ruby atop of Objective-C:

Instead of grafting two mature and overlapping language implementations together, I wrote Nu on, with, and for Objective-C. Instead of being problems to be bridged, the rich set of Objective-C classes became the building blocks of Nu.

Earlier in the introduction he says:

As a result, Nu has deep access to its own implementation. That gives its users an unusual ability to explore and understand Nu. Where there is understanding, there are few surprises.

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Where's the code?

A few code snippets doing neat things would probably be a more effective introduction than this.

If the Objective-C classes are useful in a lisp, then let's see them in action! This could be a really cool language design, but how are we to know?

Already there

He has apparently recognized this, and has one small response that I can find so far

Pretty nice

That actually does look useful and straightforward. The synyax is a bit non-Lispy in some places, like the "class ConverterController is NSObject" bit -- but then so is the LOOP macro syntax, and people use that all the time.