Fogotten Book Title

For a "concepts of programming languages" class back in school I found a book in the library that helped very nicely--but I've since forgotten the title and author! It had a pelican J.J. Audubon-style on the cover, and had, I believe, "semantics" in the title. The author was, I believe, from Iowa St. Anyone know what book this is?

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Google is my memory, the stars my destination

Slonneger and Kurtz's "Formal Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages: A Laboratory Based Approach" (search terms used: "concepts programming languages iowa state pelican")

Nice reference ;-)

For those who don't know what I'm talking about:

The funny thing about google... that the number one hit when you search on those terms is, in fact, this web page. I guess that's the hazard you incur when you use pointers to mutable objects.

I included a historical note

I included a historical note about which search terms I used. You committed a type error when you interpreted that as a pointer. ;-)

The link I followed comes up second, though, so it's not like we've totally ruined Google.

Google ist usere Rettung!!!

I feel like Gandalf trying every combination but the right one at the Gate of Moria. Thanks Anton, that was it.