ANN: Open Quark (CAL language) 1.6 Released

The Open Quark team at Business Objects is delighted to announce the release of the Open Quark Framework for Java V1.6, incorporating the CAL language and the CAL Eclipse plug-in.

Open Quark supports efficient non-strict functional evaluation in Java, and allows complete interoperability with Java, functional metaprogramming and evaluation control. Functions can be created programmatically in Java via a number of object models, and the full-featured Haskell-like language CAL allows large functional libraries and applications to be expressed conveniently. There is an increasingly complete Eclipse plug-in to support development in the CAL language. There is also a graphical language to create new functions.

The 1.6 release continues to support the original motivations of the Quark Framework with additional libraries for data and queries. New libraries have also been added for XML, for working with directed graphs, for accessing Java2D drawing, along with some utilities for working with collections.

A new tool called the "IO Source Generator" is included as part of the 1.6 release. This can help in the construction of interfaces to Java data models.

A number of new documents are released with this version of the framework. We hope these will provide further insights into the implementation of the framework and the CAL language.

The Eclipse plug-in continues to evolve and mature with this release.

The full release notes can be read here.

The download packages may be obtained here.

As usual, we value feedback on the project. Community participation is already helping us to shape the future of the framework and tools. Please visit our Google Group.