Pascal-P compiler annotated text

"Each chapter describes a particular aspect of the P-code system, each section discussing a particular procedure or group of procedures, sometimes preceded by an explanation of the data-structures used."
Pascal Implementation

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We've come a long way

The Pascal code on that page really makes one happy with the progress that has been made in the last 25 years. To me (I'm younger than that compiler is), the code looks dead ugly.

Ugly in what way?

The code uses the ugly (IMO) style of drawing attention to begin/end tokens, but after a cursory skim it feels on-par with lots of terse C/Pascal/OCaml code I've seen (yes, I said OCaml).

Is it just that you're

Is it just that you're averse to verbose syntax? I agree that some things are unnecessary (ie. if (blah) then begin end; etc), but other than that it looks pretty good for low level code. I like how they didn't caps lock all the keywords, at least.

Interesting find, it's always neat to see these projects that try to do things as simply as possible so others can study them :)