A simple equation solver using attribute access and introspection

A nice hack which makes use of several language features to create a fun programming experience (or "user inteface" if you want).

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Python: language lab for the masses

It does seem as if because Python is more hackable in this kind of way than some of the other "mainstream" languages (C++, Java, C#) it's becoming the environment of choice for curious interlopers from the mainstream who want to play around with other idioms. I wonder which other languages Python is most often the "gateway drug" for (not that all users progress to the hard stuff, of course)?


For me, Python led directly to two languages, and from there to many more. The first was Vyper, which led directly to Ocaml. I don't really remember how I found out about it, but that was a good start. Then I read a quote from Guido, something like "Some people think that Dylan, for instance, is everything Python is and so much more", which prompted me to find out about Dylan.

By this time I was hooked. So I investigated a lot of functional languages. It's taken me a long time to get around to logic languages, and I still haven't, really. Someday I'll finish that chapter in the Mozart/Oz tutorial.