Morphic in your Browser

Sun Labs has rewritten the Morphic user interface from Self and Squeak to run under Javascript in web browsers with strong SVG support.

Branded, Lively Kernel, the system features:

  • Small web programming environment and computing kernel, written entirely with JavaScript. In addition to its application execution capabilities, the platform can also function as an integrated development environment (IDE), making the whole system self-contained and able to improve and extend itself on the fly.
  • Programmatic access to the user interface. Our system provides programmatic access from JavaScript to the user interface via the Morphic user interface framework. The user interface is built around an event-based programming model familiar to most web developers.
  • Asynchronous networking. As in Ajax, you can use asynchronous HTTP to perform all the network operations asynchronously, without blocking the user interface.

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It is a shame that we are still struggling to find a platform for 2D UI, but
the example, while cartoonish, is certainly flexible and uniform.