PRNG tutorial: request for comments

I wrote a tutorial a couple months ago on programming models for shared-memory concurrent pseudorandom number generation:

It was meant for upper-division computer science undergraduates, but I was wondering if you all think it has potential to be adapted for more general use.

The article argues for making PRNGs efficiently thread-safe by choice of programming model, and offers examples of how different kinds of parallel PRNGs fit into the offered models.


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Briefly, yes. I think it's

Briefly, yes. I think it's a good and straightforward illustration that both:

  1. programming in a functional style aids thread-safety
  2. the best way to write efficient threaded programs is often to minimize sharing/communication between threads

mhf - My deepest sympathies

mhf -

My deepest sympathies to those _advanced_ students of yours who have to bear with being told (in a footnote!) that the singular of "dice" is "die".


bigint -- ha! ;-P Well, I mainly included it for readers who aren't native English speakers. A significant fraction of undergrads here aren't. They probably all know it, but I'd rather reach under their comprehension rather than over it, especially if it's a point that takes so little space to explain.