[ANN]: Open Quark Framework for Java, version 1.7.0 released

The Open Quark team is pleased to announce version 1.7.0 of the Open Quark Framework for Java.

Open Quark is a BSD-licensed lazy functional runtime for Java, with a native language called CAL.
The motivation for Open Quark is to allow embedding of lazy functional logic within Java applications, including full functional metaprogramming (under Java control) if required. The framework also allows standalone CAL applications to be created.

1.7.0 is a feature release, with important enhancements, including:

  • A tool to create standalone library JARs, with multiple entry points (complementing the existing ability to create standalone applications with a single 'main' function as the entry point).
  • New/enhanced libraries, including a full XML parser and encoder and a Parallel module for concurrency control, amongst others
  • Ability to declare record instance functions straightforwardly in CAL
  • Improved refactoring and other support in the Eclipse Plug-in
  • A Record Creation special Gem in the Gem Cutter
  • Improved memory use

Please see the release notes for a full description.

Downloads are available on the main Open Quark site.

Feedback and other contributions to the project are very welcome. Please visit our discussion forum.

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purity vs. pragmatism

Just wondering if anybody has experience with CAL and Haskell to the point where they can comment on how big a deal it is to eshew the more puritanical Haskellian approach to purity for the more pragmatic CAL take. Presumably it is the same old story of each has a right time and place to use it, I'm not trying to see one as "better" than the other. But I'm curious if folks have feeling for when those rights times are for each.