CSLI lecture notes made freely available

To quote Richard Zach:

CSLI Lecture Notes are now part of the Stanford Medieval and Modern Thought Digitization Project. That means books such as Unger's Cut-elimination, Normalization, and the Theory of Proofs, Troelstra's Lectures on Linear Logic, Aczel's Non-well-founded Sets, van Benthem's Manual of Intensional Logic, and Goldblatt's Logics of Time and Computation are now available online and for free. (HT: Shawn)

Also of interest here will be McCarthy's Defending AI research, and Modal logic and process algebra : a bisimulation perspective, edited by Venema, de Rijke and Ponse.

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the link

Worth the Read

I'm currently working on bringing together theorem proving and programming languages, so the texts here look quite tantalizing. However, high-level logic and proof theory can be fairly abstruse, and I just don't have time to beat through arbitrary texts. Does anyone here have a good idea of the general approachability and usability of the relevant titles, or know where I could find reviews exhibiting the same?