David Pollak on lift

The video and slides of David Pollak's BayFP presentation on lift are available online.

While the thrust of the talk is on lift as a web framework, you get a very nice intro to Scala along the way, and David even mentions a quick way to get a PLT PhD, for those interested in that sort of thing...

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Haskell, Erlang Too

To be fair, Alex Jacobson also presented HAppS, the Haskell web framework last month: http://www.bayfp.org/blog/2007/10/16/alex-jacobson-on-happs-videos-slides/

Next month, BayFP will complete the series with ErlyWeb: http://www.bayfp.org/blog/2007/11/14/december-meeting-yariv-sadan-on-erlyweb-in-berkeley/

Interspecies Cross Pollination

David has started a google group for users and developers of functional web frameworks like lift, Happs and ErlyWeb.


Thanks for the pointer. That link is the group email address (functional-web-frameworks@googlegroups.com), but here's the google groups page for it.

Sorry about that. I only

Sorry about that. I only attended the last meeting...

The sound is very poor

At least on my computer. I can't hear what he says. Is anybody else experiencing this?

Poor is an understatement

As far as I can understand, the presentation starts with something like "Without further ado, .. ip..gop al pagolic. LIPT! i'll do golic and pap gor consequert af gort ten years ago..."

[Edit: and that is *after* cranking up the volume so far that the noise from the speakers is louder than the CPU fan.]

Dude, Crank It Up!

On my laptop it was totally inaudible. I moved to a desktop system and cranked up the amp. That did the trick.

Except when somebody coughed near a microphone. That was painful.

Low Audio

Yeah, I did all I could to boost the audio from the recording, but it's still quite low (intelligible on my computer, but obviously YRMV). With any luck, we'll have someone volunteer with a better recording rig, but for now that's all we got.

I suppose if enough people complain I might transcribe it.


Someone should try the levelator and see if it improves the sound quality.

Louder now

I've reposted this video with much louder audio.

Very cool

Nice to see products that increase exposure of functional languages in general and Scala in particcular.

Anyone hear of any commercial sites done with Lift? If so, please share...

What is the quick way to get

What is the quick way to get a PhD?

I wasn't paying close

I wasn't paying close attnetion at that moment, but it seemed to be related to type inferencing between modules in Scala.