A Dialogue on Infinity

A Dialogue on Infinity, between a mathematician and a philosopher. Alexandre Borovik and David Corfield.

A new blog... From the first post:

The project concentrates on one of the principal purposes of the Exploring the Infinite Program:

To understand the nature of and the role played by conceptualizations of infinity in mathematics.

It will be shaped as a dialogue between a mathematician (AB) and a philosopher (DC) and will address one of the central paradoxes of mathematics:

why are most uses of infinity in mathematics restricted to the recycling of a small number of “canonical” and ubiquitous structures?

...To put the study of infinity on a firm basis, we first have to discuss the issue of the identity and “sameness” of mathematical objects: infinity of what?

This is pretty far out for LtU, but I suspect it will interest some more philosophically inclined readers. They will look at a number of disciplines, including computer science.

(I feel like maybe even "Theory" is not theoretical for this. Therefore I am also calling it "Fun".)

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Slightly off topic, sure.

Slightly off topic, sure. But we always allowed exceptions... I for one find this to be of enough interest.