SimCity Source Code Released

Connecting this item to the official topic of LtU may be a bit of a challenge, but this announcement is simply too cool not to post, good friend Don Hopkins got a lot of work done on the finishing touches on releasing the original SimCity source code under the GNU General Public Library (GPL).

Should be a nice code base to play with.

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SimCity's mostly a cellular automaton, right? So the game's all about (disguised) programming against some odd constraints.

A PLT Connection!

So, with recent discussions about the sociology of programming and with the general theme of tension between academic and applied PLT.....

PLT readers might find it interesting to skim the Slashdot discussion of this announcement from a few days back. I think I will omit a link since it is easy to find in Slashdot archives and, even with a link, you'll have to dig around to find the comments worth reading.

Of particular note, Don Hopkins himself joined the fray and some of the back and forth is about him defending his language choices. He's a pretty prolific programmer with a lot of experience and has a pragmatic, balanced view on such things.