Hi there.

A member of our forum at FreeBASIC linked to an article about a language called 'Katahdin', so I looked around a bit... I liked reading that you strive to analyze languages at face value instead of following generalizations.

So I figured I'd tell you about our language FreeBASIC, it's sort of our idea of a 'natural' extension from the QBasic era to now... we implement pointers and namespaces and for now pretty simple OO constructs like methods and constants in UDTs... dynamic library loading, function pointers, const qualifiers for variables... the list goes on.

If you enjoy BASIC syntax and want to see our idea of bringing some of the more modern concepts to that sweet lexicon, you should check us out. =) I think there are some BASIC users who may be generally interested in this, and I would love to hear this community's opinions about such a thing. Judging by the rules this seems like a professional atmosphere, and professional critique is exactly what I'd expect.

P.S. I apologize if this feels like an advertisement or anything, it's an open source GPL'd project...