I Need some one help me in C programming.?

I need to do assignment for C program that need to be submit next week but I really don't understand how to do the assignment. I need someone who expert to help me in this problem. I really don't understand what the lecturer teach me because I'm not the local student in my university and sometime they speak their mother language and make misunderstand about what they want to teach me.

This is the question link. i hope if anyone who are expert in C programming can help me to do this assignment.


This is sample output..

I really appreciate to whom can help me. and send me the answer me here or jsut sent it to my email.


Actually the assignment need to be done by group of three. But my member group did not co-operate with me and just keep asking me about the progress and do nothing and just leave it to me to do it alone.. I can't say a word to them because they are local student and I'm the one in my group from other country. so sad for me because getting bad member and I don't want to argue with them. and I think they don't know how to do the assignment at all. so i hope anyone can help me.

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This is inappropriate for LtU. If someone feels inclined to help do so by email.