Open5G web app language/system

Has anybody taken a look at Open5G? From only briefly looking at one code sample, it seems to at least partially be a JSP type thing where HTML is mixed up with code to build the final page/app. Apparently they made Zude with it.

The open-source Fifth Generation Language, Open5G, combined with the FifthGen Engine, is designed as a tightly-integrated self-contained development and execution environment utilizing best-of-breed programming tools and methodologies, optimized web/application server, highly-scalable relational/object database, and robust extension interface.

Open5G is a highly-optimized compiled language combining excellent performance and scalability with integrated support for pre-compiled objects and code-blocks, automated creation and utilization of p-code binaries, libraries, and intermediate files, as well as advanced resource caching and just-in-time (“JIT”) compiler.

Open5G provides strong dynamic data typing, support for procedural, functional, and object-oriented programming methodologies, and includes optimized memory and resource management with automated garbage collection.

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It has some nice features.

But I don't see why web frameworks insist in writing code inside HTML instead of abstracting HTML using code.

I also did not see any functional programming examples in the tutorial (I am not saying that it does not support FP).

Finally, I have serious doubts about the internal database that comes with it. What if an organization has invested a serious amount of money or effort in an existing data base system?

I would prefer that my language supports SQL directly into the language and checks at compile time the various database operations than having an internal database. SQL programming is dynamic strongly typed programming, and I would like more compile-time safety.

But I don't see why web

But I don't see why web frameworks insist in writing code inside HTML instead of abstracting HTML using code.

It didn't take me long doing the latter - and with one of the most abstraction-happy languages out there - to realise that when you're doing work where the focus is on the HTML then the best UI is one that prioritises the HTML. I never did get round to building a templating library, and my wiki's UI was painfully primitive as a result because I never did get round to doing as much tweaking as I could've.


It doesn't support FP directly in that the tutorial states function definitions must be placed directly at the top of the page. They still might allow it somehow, but such a description sounds my warning bell.

I went through all of the tutorials, and was underwhelmed in terms of what features they described: all were already popular in the mid 90s in this domain. While I disagree with Achilleas and believe most web components can be cleanly written in HTML-like blocks (composable in a Flex style manner, so not traditional HTML), Open5g doesn't seem to provide strong abstractions for the type of code reuse typical in the presentation tier + overall web app workflow nor bring anything new to the table there. Mostly it seemed like new syntax for old things, and a (new?) CRUD db w/ library interface.

They claim speed benefits and interoperability, though I didn't see a clear technical write up demonstrating these, and thus can't discuss them.