Interesting old gem: Prop does pattern matching in C++

I wonder why I haven't heard more about Prop.

It lets you do ML-style pattern matching in C++. Perhaps a nifty way to sneak in a little functional programming at work.

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Or Felix.

Or Felix.

Tom: similar project for Java

Thanks. I had not heard of Prop either.

Reminder for Java folks: Tom

Anyone know if Felix is being worked on actively anymore? Haven't seen any movement on its page for a while.

Felix ...

According to this message Felix is been worked upon.

Felix lives

judging by the occasional message on the mailing list.

Felix is definitely alive

We're still alive :) I'm one of the devs, and the *cough* maintainer of that poor website. I've been trying to roll out a new site,, but we haven't yet spent the time to really transition over to it. Most work happens on our mailing list. However, since our main guy, John Skaller, is sailing across the Pacific, so things have been a bit quiet. I can still help out here or on our mailing lists if anyone has any questions.