FL programming language

Ive been trying for some time to find out more information about this language. If anyone has any documents on it, could they please send me a copy?

According to this there should be some papers in the library of congress somewhere, but since I live in australia I obviously have problems getting to them. If anyone can get me copies of almost any of the papers listed there (the last one, for example, doesnt look interesting), I am willing to pay money for them. Of particular interest are items 75, 188, 192-195, 198, 204, 208 and 209.

The holy grail in this search (from what I know at the moment) would be the compiler developed at the IBM Almaden Research Center around 1990, and the FL Language Manual.

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Some LtU on FL, FYI

But not much

A brief comment here, just search for "pointer to FL" - unfortunately, that pointer is a dead link.

A discussion about FP and FL. Has links to a few interpreters, but that's about it.

A few miscellaneous links, mostly not too relevant.

The power of wiki(?)

Thanks, but unfortunately...

Been there, read that. Nice reading, but it lacks a complete description of FL.


Have you looked at PLaSM?

"The design language PLaSM is a geometry-oriented extension of a subset of FL."

Kinda... not...

The two problems with PLaSM are the "subset" bit and (as far as I know) the absence of a compiler. But I do need to look into that more, yeah.

...Wait a minute...

The PLaSM guys list a lot of useful FL documentation as references for the creation of the language... They might have copies... :)

Almaden Research Center

Since the work was done at the Almaden Research Center, you could try asking them if there's an electronic version available.

They arent very helpful

Ive already emailed them (they didnt get back to me) and phoned them (they say they cant help me unless I have a specific name of someone to talk to, and the only names I have are people whove long left IBM)...