Project LambdaCan

You can get soup in a can. You can get bread in a can. Now the long wait is over! You can finally get Lambda Calculus in a can...Project LambdaCan takes [the Lambda Calculus] and implements it on a microcontroller better suited to the most mundane of tasks, like running a vending machine or microwave oven. And it sticks the microcontroller in a can that you can connect to your PC using a USB cable.

For those that are both language geeks and hardware geeks...

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Lambda the ultimate...

preserved food?

Now with reduced fat and reduced expressions!

Pickling combinators?


OO people call it...


I tried something along those lines...

Here. I'd release it but as my contract with my employer says they own anything I do in my spare time I can't without risking legal difficulty. But it does show that you can pack quite a bit into a tiny microcontroller and that high level structures like monads don't necessarily entail megabytes of memory.

really sick

Where do people find the time to do these sort of things? (not to mention the motivation)

I think the title of your

I think the title of your post can be understood as unnecessarily offensive.

Maybe it's

Maybe it's this version.


That's how I read it.

Me too. Which is why I

Me too. Which is why I wrote: I think the title of your post can be understood as unnecessarily offensive.

I decided that's shorter than might be interpreted by some people as offensive.


You mean syck?

Posting lambda calculus papers all over Encyclopaedia Dramaticae would detract from its rubbishy appeal. By the same token, lolcats, slang and reddit-isms have little to offer LtU. Two great tastes don't always go together -- do you like salt in you coffee?

It is a thing of wonder

I'm impressed. It is amazing what smart people with spare time will do.