Qis of the Future

The functional language Qi has been discussed previously on LtU, and the new Qi II is apparently less code with more features (how often does that happen?). I am not affiliated and frankly haven't done more than noodle around with it for a handful of minutes, but I'm glad that such projects are alive and kicking; perhaps one of the benefits of an increasing reliance on computers is that there is more interest in programming languages?

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It doesn't seem to be really

It doesn't seem to be really a legitimate page intellectually... one part of it implies that "Qi I" has seen more usage than F#, which I find hard to believe, considering F# has seen some pretty hardcore industrial usages, such as part of the backend for gamer rank on xbox live!

It's worth everyone's

It's worth everyone's remembering that the ecosystem around MS's languages is somewhat different - including where the bulk of the talking happens. It's not surprising that a given F# mailing list is somewhat inactive.

Subjectively speaking...

It looks a lot more interesting than Arc. Does Arc have pattern-matching?

In the official

In the official distribution, no, Paul Graham doesn't see their usefulness being generalized (http://www.paulgraham.com/arcchallenge.html , search for pattern matching).