Can we start an LtU group on CiteULike?

I recently came to use CiteUlike through LtU, and it has become an invaluable resource for me in keeping my readings organized. For those of you who haven't heard of it yet, CiteULike is a bibliography tracking tool that allows you to organize your material using tags and automatically creates BibTex entries from web pages.

When it was first brought up on LtU four years ago, the poster mentioned the idea of starting a CiteULike group for LtU. I don't know why this idea didn't get any traction, but I think it would be great to start that group now. This would make it much easier for LtU'ers to catalog and reference all the great papers that have been referenced here over the years. CiteULike groups can even be moderated (somewhat), if that's preferable.

So, is anyone interested?

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This sounds like a good

This sounds like a good idea. I played with CiteULike but not too much so any experience reports would be welcome.


Ehud's blessing was enough for me. Here is the new CiteULike group for LtU. I've left the group permissions open, but we can change that if necessary, and I'm sure we can find a way for me to cede admin rights to a regular editor, too.

Sounds great to me!

Sounds great to me!

Someone should start by

Someone should start by posting the papers from the LtU papers page, I guess...