XMF 2.0 Open Source

XMF 2.0 has been released as open-source under the EPL. XMF is an engine for writing languages. It was initially designed to run models-as-code and came out of work on the UML 2.0 standard. Therefore there is some linkage with UML/OCL. In addition many of the ideas came from work done on Lisp Engines (particularly CMU-lisp in the 80's) and work done (under the direction of Peter Landin in the early 90's) on language engineering as a design tool.

XMF has a VM written in Java and can be used as dynamic HLL embedded or externally to Java. We think that the combination of features offered by XMF is novel: reflexive OO; embedded extensible syntax; closures; OCL support; Java integration; first class types; daemons; etc.

We hope that people will take a look at XMF here join the forum and help us take XMF forward.

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Sounds neat (reading the docs)

has anybody on LtU used it at all?