FringeDC Formal Meeting March 22nd at 1PM- Haskell Spectacular: XMonad, Zippers and More!

FringeDC is a group in Washington DC interested in Fringe Programming Languages (Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, Prolog, etc.)

Our next meeting features Brent Yorgey, who is well known in the Haskell community and a contributor to XMonad. For those who don't know, XMonad (a purely functional windows manager) is often lauded (well, by me at least, but others as well :-) as a masterpiece in software engineering. It cleanly marries elegant functional programming code with the ugliest of uglies, the X Windows system. Brent will be giving an intro to Haskell and explain the nuts of bolts of extending XMonad. As an opener, Philip Fominykh will be giving an opening presentation on Zippers, an exotic purely functional data structure popular among Haskellers!

The Meeting is will be held on Saturday, March 22nd. It is hosted by Clark&Parsia, a developer of OWL/Semantic Web reasoning software in downtown DC. After the presentation, we'll grab some food nearby and talk programming languages.

926 N St NW Rear
Studio #1
Washington DC 20001
Google Map:

-Conrad Barski, M.D. (cell 202 436 1388)

P.S. We're looking for someone to make a video of the meeting for the interwebs- Bring your camera if you want to help.