Rhope a dataflow-based language

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Rhope is a new multi-paradigm programming language that uses dataflow and a transaction model to make concurrent programming easy. The first implementation of the language is still in an alpha state, but it's quickly becoming usable for real tasks. This site is generated and served by software written in Rhope.

The current language looks very basic (and simple), but it is still interesting to follow. Of course being dataflow-based it would be a very good candidate for visual programming.

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Funny You Should Mention That

Of course being dataflow-based it would be a very good candidate for visual programming.

Funny you should mention that. When I started working on Rhope I wasn't interested in making a concurrent language. I was originally trying to build a domain specific visual language for use by graphic artists in an automation plugin for Adobe InDesign. For quite a while there was no textual version of the language at all.

Once the interpreter worked well enough to start writing simple programs, I was able to see how bad the density problem was. So I started working on a textual version of the language, both so a complex expression could be used in a "box" rather than just a single value or function call and so programmers accustomed with traditional languages could avoid the visual language altogether if they preferred.

Over time my priorities for the language shifted, and the visual environment became less important. Due to that and some other factors the visual environment languished and eventually it wouldn't even compile any more. I hope to eventually rewrite the visual environment in Rhope, but there are a lot of other things that need to be done that are higher on the priority list at the moment.

Rhope not Rhode

The title of the post should be "Rhope ..." not "Rhode ...".

Re: Rhope not Rhode

Thanks, I corrected the title.

Couldn't use the link as

Couldn't use the link as given, but did see


Server was down

The Rhope interpretter locked up for some reason. Looks like it might have deadlocked in a C library call (two of the threads had a state of libc_lock including the TCP/IP listener thread, I'll have to ask around on the Syllable mailing list to be sure). The link you posted is the Rhope downloads page which is hosted on a normal webhost.

Anyway the main site should be back up now.