Constraint Imperative Programming

I'm amazed on not finding anything relating to constraint imperative programming. Nothing on LtU comes up for languages like Alma, Turtle, and Kaleidoscope.

From the Abstract on Turtle:

Ideally, in constraint programs, the solutions of problems are obtained
by specifying their desired properties, whereas in imperative programs,
the steps which lead to a solution must be defined explicitly, rather
than being derived automatically. This paper describes the design and
implementation of the programming language Turtle, which integrates
declarative constraints and imperative language elements in order to
combine their advantages and to form a more flexible programming
paradigm suitable for solving a wide range of problems.

These languages are very related to languages based on Design-by-contract. It seems like many technologies are evolving towards a logical and/or constraint style of programming. After all, there is UML 2.0's OCL, the semantic web, VHDL, AOP, Dataflow, etc.

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Anyone care to comment? I

Anyone care to comment?

I think some of these were mentioned in passing in the past.