CFP: ALTA 2008 (Architectures and Languages for Throughput Applications)

This is an abbreviated Call-For-Papers (CFP).

ALTA 2008 Workshop

Held in conjunction with the
2008 International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA-35)

Sunday June 22nd, Beijing, China

Submitted papers will be considered to be published on one or more special issues of journals or newsletters highlighting the "Best of ISCA 2008 Workshops."

Workshop Theme

Throughput-oriented applications are attracting broader interest because of the proliferation of multi- and many-core CPUs and GPUs. The reasons are many-fold. Increasing software-exposed parallelism is necessitated by power-constrained design. Moreover, the emphasis on visual quality in entertainment-oriented applications is driving demand on client platforms. Finally, the pre-existing demands for compute cycles in high-performance computing is challenged by the changing programming and optimization landscape found in highly integrated multi-core devices.

This workshop seeks an interdisciplinary set of commercial and academic researchers and practitioners working at the frontiers of throughput oriented programming models, applications, and architectures.

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