too much indentation solution?

e.g. one of the pages about OO has an interesting discussion that becomes ever harder to read with the default ui template. any way of having a default template that somehow avoids that problem yet still shows threading?

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Visual hints and chaining

Not increasing the indentation level when there is only one reply to a comment would help a lot. This requires some visual indication (lines, arrows, colours etc) to distinguish chained comments from siblings. This also makes sense because people think of a chain of comments as a sequence, not a hierarchy.

Visual hints can also aid readability in other ways but they must be applied with care (and taste).

Limiting line widths would also improve readability. Right now, moderately-indented comments are actually easier to read than their ancestors.

Suggestion: Click title to open a new page

A short-term fix may be to start again from the left when indentation reaches, say 50% of the column width.

Another idea would be to click on the title of a post (quite useless link at the moment) to open a new page with this post and all its descendants.

Reddit's continuations

Reddit provides a "continuation" link once a thread nests past a threshold. A continuation sounds appropriate for LTU! ;-)

I'd just like to second this

I'd just like to second this as it's the best solution I've come across.

This is one of the issues

This is one of the issues that come up from time to time and for which no good solution was found yet. Thanks for the ideas, we'll see what can be done.