Teaching oneself Abstract Interpretation ?

My current work deals with extracting security properties from C source code. Without entering too much into the details, it started as a type-and-effects type system with dependent types, but it's slowly starting to look like abstract interpretation-and-effects. Now, my knowledge of abstract interpretation is somewhat limited: I have read one or two of Girard's papers, and everything else I know comes from talks and discussions. So I guess it's time for me to learn more.

So, here's the question: does anyone around here have good references on abstract interpretation and the techniques involved?

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read the papers by cousot

read the papers by cousot and cousot (sp?), they started it all, and they have some pretty hardcore papers. On the other hand, here are some books that survey lots of the broad essentials, though I haven't looked at any personally.

We linked to many useful

We linked to many useful tutorials in the past (I recall a nice one by Dan Friedman which may be good start). One of the links was for a course on AI which linked to many of the important papers in the field.

Patrick Cousot gave a course

Patrick Cousot gave a course in Abstract Interpretation at MIT some years ago, material is still available.