The Language of Biology

Probably goes against Dijkstra's advice of modeling real world objects, but Luca Cardelli is exploring Programming Languages for Biology.

If you want to go to another country, it would behoove you to learn the language of the land. Luca Cardelli, an Italian researcher working in England, knows this lesson well. He wants to help scientists travel to an unknown country — the membranes and cells of our bodies — and feel right at home. To do this, he is developing a computer language to model the processes of biology.

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Link to the papers

In his site you can find the relevant BioComputing papers.

comic sans

wow. how can someone so brilliant end up producing overheads with comic sans? i'm sorry, i know it's irrelevant, but.

Thank god I'm not the only one

... who is appalled by the use of Comic Sans everywhere. Someone should make a "Comic Sans considered harmful" manifesto :)

Really, there are some very nice sans-serif fonts around if you feel obliged not to use Arial/Helvetica. I'd advocate the use of Optima everywhere were it not for the fact that it's not standard on Windows. Hell, there's Verdana, if you want, which looks ok.

If you want to stick with handwriting-based fonts, at least make a point and use Dijkstra's font :)

Someone already has :-)