Smalltalk 80: Green Book

The text for Smalltalk-80, Bits of History, Words of Advice is now available online. The text documents the development history of the Smalltalk 80 language.

  • Part One of this book is a collection of papers that provide some
    background and history of the Smalltalk-80 implementation.
  • In Part Two we present papers that describe the experiences four
    implementors had in bringing their systems to life.
  • Part Three is a collection of measurements made by the
    implementation groups.
  • In Part Four we present papers that look toward the future of
    Smalltalk systems and propose ideas for extending the Smalltalk-80
    system beyond its initial form.

via Cincom Smalltalk Blogs.

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One of the best

This book is just an enormous wealth of information. I've had mine on my desk for twenty years and have never stopped going back to it.