another issue/question/hope re: layout

hi, when looking at a new post on a page that has a long discussion, it can be pretty hard to figure out what is the parent post it is replying to. if there were some more nuanced way of the hierarchy being shown that would be neat. dunno what that would be off the top of my head, but thought it could be a metric used when evaluating possible future new default look-and-feels.

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parent link

The common solution to this is for each child comment to have a link to its parent. Clicking the link repositions the page with the parent comment at the top of the browser window. Would that help? It has the advantage of being straightforward to implement.

The problem with "more nuanced" solutions is that they tend to make our codebase more difficult to upgrade to newer versions of Drupal. Of course if someone has e.g. a non-invasive css solution, I'm all ears.

Some sites put frames around the comments, so that the resulting nesting of frames makes the hierarchy more explicit, but this is a rather heavyweight solution. It also doesn't help that much with comments that have lots of children.

re: parent link

a working simple easy-to-do solution sounds great! :-)