HMF: Simple type inference for first-class polymorphism

HMF: Simple type inference for first-class polymorphism - Daan Leijen, Draft April 8, 2008.

HMF is a conservative extension of Hindley-Milner type inference with first-class polymorphism and regular System F types. The system
distinguishes itself from other proposals with simple type rules and a very simple type inference algorithm that is just a small extension
of the usual Damas-Milner algorithm. Given the relative simplicity and expressive power, we feel that HMF can be a very attractive
type system in practice. There is a reference implementation of the type system available at:

An excellent paper even in its current draft form. I also placed this under the learning category, because Daan's writing style is lucid enough that the concepts can be understood by relative newcomers to the field of type theory

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Very appealing

The type checking algorithm is relatively simple, the type system is familiar and predictable, and we have first-class polymorphism at the cost of a few type annotations. I hope this catches on (OCaml, I'm looking at you).