is there anybody knows about the origin "Dope Vector"?

In computer programming, a dope vector is a data structure used to hold information about an array, especially its memory layout.

A dope vector typically contains information about the type of array element, rank of an array, the extents of an array, and the stride of an array as well as a pointer to block in memory containing the array elements.

It is often used in compilers to pass entire arrays between procedures in a high level language like Fortran.


I am questioning about the origin dope vector~ why they use "dope"?
dope has many meanings, isn't it? affix or drug..and so on..

please explain to me more clearly

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Educated speculation

I don't know for sure, but the Merriam Webster definition of dope includes "a preparation for giving a desired quality to a substance or surface", which seems to fit. An adaptation of this meaning can be found in the term doping used for semiconductors.

In colloquial English,

In colloquial English, "dope" also means simply "information about" as in "what's the dope on the Jones story?"
(see definition 4 at
The term "dope vector" was commonly used in APL implementations, where each array was associated with an explicit record detailing its type, rank, and size.

Oll korrect

In colloquial English, "dope" also means simply "information about" as in "what's the dope on the Jones story?"

Heh, I'm sure you're right. I should have thought of that, but I fixated on the first connection which came to mind, which was "doping".

Oh well, hopefully my interpretation will live on as an apocryphal explanation which will lead to flamewars in 50 years time.