COLA Brainfuck

From the Software Architecture Group at the Hasso Plattner Institut:

Our tutorial on COLA provides insight on how programming languages can be implemented using the combined abstractions and an implementation of parsing expression grammars in COLA. The "esoteric" programming language brainfuck was chosen for its simplicity, which allows for concentrating on COLA's features.

Previously: COLA and Open, extensible object models; via neuraxon77.

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For a less naughtly languages

try sed (for strings), dc (for numbers) and ed (for buffers) and tcc (for doing some other stuff easier)

use /bin/sh (or bash, or es, or rc, or zsh) as a binding agent

here documents are very cool

all the simplicity, full turing completeness, comes with all unixes

and it still looks like line noise, but it actually does something

let's call it rune.

just a thought.

i think it's time



oh, and on the paper

looks the forth to me

sounds the same too

see: gforth



The "prescheme like" language Coke looks neat...makes me wonder why they didn't just use PreScheme though.