"Recent Posts" functionality?

(Dunno how much control there is over this feature vs. it being super baked into Drupal.) It seems to sort by original-article-posting-date and then by are-there-any-new-posts. So I can see pages of nothing new and then suddenly posts with the red asterisks. Personally, dunno if this is universal, I'd like it to sort the other way around or something, so that I see all of the articles with new posts before articles with no new posts.

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What you want is the way it

What you want is the way it works, if I understand you correctly. You are using the tracker, right?

Sort of correct

It works that way, except that it does not sort by date the topics with the last post. So if you do not always read every new post at once it can be that you are left with a number of "new" posts that you haven't read, but that do not show up on the first page of the tracker.


that's what i meant :)