Comments can effect comments below them

This probably isn't a critical bug, but just for the record, I stumbled across this behavior while writing a post. Fortunately I caught my mistake and fixed it quickly. See my comments for details.

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In this comment, I use a

In this comment, I use a <code> tag to make something monospaced. However, somewhere along the line I forget the slash in a closing tag, which effects the rest of this comment.

And now, this comment

And now, this comment appears monospaced despite not containing any HTML tags whatsoever.

Well, it looks fine in

Well, it looks fine in Firefox 2 anyway, but not Safari 3. Maybe this isn't LtU's issue?

Ahh, I'm causing Drupal to

Ahh, I'm causing Drupal to emit non-valid HTML


Firefox 3 beta running on Debian 8.04 server, 64=bit, looks fine.

Drupal usually closes tags

Drupal usually closes tags at the end of each post. Maybe the code tag confuses it. Will investigate.