LASER Summerschool on Concurrency

Bertrand Meyer yet again has lined up a fantastic set of speakers for this year's LASER summerschool that targets some very relevant and timely topics in our field:
  • Tryggve Fossum, Intel Fellow and Director of Microarchitecture Development, Intel Corporation on Chip level Multi Processors
  • Maurice Herlihy, Brown University on The Art of Multiprocessor Programming
  • Bertrand Meyer, ETH Zurich and Eiffel Software on Correct Contract-Covered Concurrent Computation
  • Robin Milner, Cambridge University on Bigraphs: a space for mobile interaction
  • Peter O'Hearn, Queen Mary University of London on Proof Techniques for Concurrent Programs
  • Daniel A. Reed, Microsoft Research and UNC Chapel Hill on Living in the Multicore Computing Clouds

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Herlihy's book,

The Art of Multiprocessor Progamming (2008) is a good read.

It covers in detail numerous algorithsm for mutual exclusion and such, including lock-free algorithms.

It then goes into lots of detail why shared-state concurrency is not a scalable approach to building systems--locks don't scale well at all. The book does give some coverage of alternate approaches, including STM, though not enough (such material may be out of scope).

Not a PLT book per se, but of interest to anyone doing PL design--especially concurrent languages.

Bertrand Meyer

How about getting Bertrand Meyer to guest blog here?


I imagine an answer isn't required, but nevertheless, yes!

The question was directed

The question was directed either at Meyer or someone who is in contact with him...

missing the link


Thanks, story has been corrected. (Missing closing quote in URL.)