Galois: high assurance software

The ICFP 2004 program now links to the invited talks, in particular PowerPoint slides and MP3 audio for John Launchbury's excellent talk on bringing functional programming to the real world at Galois Connections.

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Now that's a company where I would like to work!


Sure sounds like a great place to work. Liked the story about "the spark in the eyes [of Haskellists]"


I promoted this great link to the home page.

Ken, being an editor you can post directly to the home page. Simply click the "create content" link under your name, and choose "story" as the content type.

Code transformation

This talk reminded me that during the Y2K scare I wrote a position paper on using the technologies developed for Y2K work for reengineering work in general. Those were the days if you were into code processing.

The talk gives several examples about C code - I was more into ASM/370 at that point...

Haskell's more intelligible!

I interviewed at Galois once. Unfortunately I didn't much impress them, perhaps my "spark" was off that day... But I can say it looked like a very good place to work in many different ways.

Thinking about how to brand FP, how about "intelligibility" as a theme? Here's the pitch: a complex programming problem is solved in both C++ and Haskell. A programmer conversant in both languages will take a lot less time to understand the Haskell version, because of Haskell's superior intelligibility. Intelligibility makes software easier to write and easier for others to modify. Development time is reduced. Money is saved.