looking for an old conversation on Clean

I believe there was a conversation on LtU once (perhaps LtU1?) where someone was explaining World-passing style in Clean (I think it was Clean), and explained that there was some syntax for making the World-passing implicit, so that it'll just automatically thread it through for you. I've searched the archives for a while to no avail. Does anyone remember the conversation I'm referring to?

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Is it this one?

From monad conversation - Daniel Yokomizo?

don't think so

I don't think so. I do remember that one. There's supposedly some kind of feature where you can say "I've only changed this part of the world; just thread the rest through unchanged." I thought I remembered someone talking about this somewhere, but maybe it wasn't here.

Perhaps that helps

In a old discussion I linked to this section of the Clean Language Report. There's an explanation of Clean's let-before syntax.


Oh! I think it was Mercury I was thinking of, not Clean. I think this was the page I was thinking of:

Definite Clause Grammars