Lisp-like language for Domain Specific Languages prototyping

A new version of MBase framework is released, along with a DSL building tutorial. MBase is a DSL prototyping/implementation framework for Microsoft .NET - a Lisp-like language with some unique features.


MBase documentation, including some highlights on the language architecture:

A bigger example - a subset of Paul Graham's Arc language compiler for .NET, a literate program:

Project page, where MBase distribution can be downloaded:

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What's the status of MBase?

I thought about emailing your company's support email, but I figured I would just resurrect this thread. I've become more interested in MBase recently. Have you been looking at what Ian Piumarta and Alessandro Warth have been doing at VPRI with OMeta and IS?

Lately I've been growing increasingly interested in parsing expression grammar-based tools, and parsing in general. MBase and OMeta both stick out at me, while the other tools seem to have really large dependencies (e.g., using PEGs from within F# would require the F# runtime as a dependency) or do not fit into .NET.

How did MBase start out?