Optimal Algorithm?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, so I hope I will not mess it up..
I am looking for a paper which I might probably have imagined that I have seen mentioned in a thread here once. It was about the optimal algorithm, a generic one in some sense. IIRC, it is circa 1999-2001.
Actually the general idea I am looking for is that a program which is optimized for time cannot be too bad in terms of memory and vice versa. I think this was mentioned on that idea but I would be happy to get any other references. I am interested in what this might mean for machine learning (I am doing my PhD in this area).
Can you please inform me of this paper or any relevant ones, if possible?


Muhammad Alkarouri

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Universal Search

It may be that what you are looking for are the algorithms based on Levin's universal search and extended by Hutter/Schmidhuber.


Indeed you are right. It was the Hutter paper I was looking for. And the links are extremely interesting, with all the work done by Schmidhuber (and coauthors) in machine learning already. That would keep me busy for some time, I guess. Thanks a lot!