Continuation Fest 2008

I had received the announcement for the Continuation Fest 2008, but then completely forgot about it. Back in mid-April, some neat stuff was going on in Tokyo:

[Edit: fixed url.]

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Slides: Continuing from the Past

Here are a set of slides. Link in the post is broken.

Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. I've fixed the link.

Infernal Device

Your paper on the Infernal Device got me thinking about continuations and web interaction again. I didn't like the use of embedded HTML though. Your discussion of browser storage particularly got the old wheels turning.

I had originally ported the Waterken server to ASP.NET awhile ago, but programs written for a persistent distributed object system like the Waterken web-calculus have fairly stringent requirements and require a great deal of forethought. The approach described in the Infernal Device paper looked like it could provide a decent balance of flexibility and ease of use.

So I built a small "mobile continuations on the web" library for ASP.NET. You can see a small running example here.

Basically, a program is structured as a set of displayable continuation objects. When a continuation is displayed, it embed references to subsequent continuations so the client can navigate them. The embedded continuations are either a promise (a link), or inlined (generates a form). This display approach could still use some work, but it works.