Will Kodak kill Java?

More political or economical than technological - software patents again:

Kodak wins Java lawsuit

It returns to court next week to seek $1.06 billion in damages from Sun
Rochester's largest employer claimed during a three-week trial that portions of Java infringed on patents Kodak purchased from Wang Laboratories Inc. in late 1997. The patents describe a method by which a program can "ask for help" from another application to carry out certain computer-oriented functions. That's generally similar to the way Java operates, according to Kodak and other experts.
Will dinosaurs kill each other with patents? Who will be the last saur standing? I know of a three-letter acronym company (not SCO) with a huge patent base - will it subsume all the (interesting) others (de facto, if not de jure)? How will it affect the progress?

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Ich bin kein Berliner.

There is a discussion on GrokLaw. I wrote a reply there called "The mathematics of software patents".