away from interpreter hacking and toward enhancing stdlib

Andrew Kuchling writes:

I'd like to suggest that we should retarget Python's development, away from interpreter hacking and toward enhancing and expanding the standard library. The idea is simple, but has far-reaching consequences for the development process; I think that on balance the consequences would be positive. The proposal: We should deflect effort away from language changes and redirect them toward the standard library.


... I find the new language features added in 2.4 unimpressive and not likely to be useful to me.

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I sat as far away from Guido as possible.

Much like cyclomatic complexity in source code, the more complex a language gets, the harder it is to learn.

I really thought Python 1.5 was the best balance between power and simplicity of language, if not the best implementation. Later additions like += just don't turn me on. I like new abilities such as inheriting from builtins and C classes, but Python the language is slowly growing top-heavy and overly complex.

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