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Hi, in short I suggest adding generic link-tags to the html for better generic navigation. That is, at least rel="prev" and "next" (I'd add "top", "first" and "last" even if they are not(?) w3c recommended).

I already wrote a mail, but may not have made myself very clear, so to elaborate on that:

The benefit of adding this information comes when using some kind of plugin or support from browsers (Links has some, Firefox with plugin) so that "forward one thread" and so on works with just one keystroke instead of mouse navigation. Since the information is already there, adding it would be rather easy or so I think.

Now, maybe someone likes this enhancement as well. And since this is my first post here, hello :)

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yes, this is good idea.

yes, this is good idea. More, I hope the forum can have some tags by topic, and rss feed shoud include the forum updates, or support feedreader, aggregator all major RSS formats.