Logic programming and finance

I'm curious what sorts of papers and articles are out there regarding logic programming (Prolog and family especially) in finance applications. I know at least a little work has been done in this, but I'm not sure where to start looking in terms of resources. Are there any significant systems? Any particularly standard ways of the right (normalized?) ways to represent information regarding financial products in logic languages? Any sorts of pointers on this would be very useful.

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Constraint programming and finance

There is quite a bit of work on using constraint programming in finance applications. This work has a long history - the classic example from CLP(R) is mortgage calculation. An interesting example is the following paper:

Evan Tick: Designing Financial Swaps with CLP(R). Applied Artificial Intelligence 10(6): 505-522 (1996).

This is one of his last published papers. He then went to work in the financial community.