Best way to interface with C/C++?

Hi, I am looking at manners to interface with C. At the moment I am using a simple label = function-name scheme, but I would like to automatically generate simple bindings.

I have looked at gccxml and swig, both seem to involve a lot of hacking. Is there anyone with any experience in this field who would like to share his/her experience?

Oh yeah, the language I am building is a simple statically typed ML variant with type constructor classes.


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Reppy's work


Thanks, great articles, they pointed me in the direction of the C->Haskell work. Maybe I'll go with that in the future. (I decided to stick with what I have now and see whether I can build a generator from .h files in the, I guess far, future.)


as seen (somewhat buried) previously on LtU. only note that (took me a while to realize) it is only compiled, there is no REPL tool. and i'm not sure what the debugging deal is. and i never quite got it really building and working for me on my machine, iirc.

Inline C

One way is to allow inline C inside your language, which works most easily (only?) if your language compiles to C.

Alien Goo seems to be the most straightforward such system, other languages, such as Gambit-C have similar capabilities.