Hejlsberg and Steele: Concurrency and Language Design

A nice viedo interview of Anders Hejlsberg and Guy Steele on Concurrency and Language Design at the JAOO conference. Nothing too technically deep, but the interview does manage to crystalize some of the high level issues that face language designers.

Speaking of interviews, the Lisp50 Conference at OOPLSA 2008 will have what should prove interesting - Alan Kay interviewing John McCarthy.

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The reddit thread on the interview indicates that the video requires Silverlight. Don't care to discuss the relative merits of conformance to standards, but if someone could indicate whether this is true... or better yet give the workaround of downloading the mp4 file... I'd be most appreciative.

MP4 etc.

There are links to open formats at the bottom of the post.

Further JAOO Footage

There is some additional JAOO conference footage here including Hejlsberg's main talk and a short discussion of the issues behind sharing libraries between different languages in "Mixed Language Environments" which may also be worth a watch.

Mulitple Media Fomats UI

We are going to make the mulitple media formats more obvious in the C9 UI. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the interview. More from JAOO on the way.

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